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June 14, 2015
It was a pretty hectic week here, and I am exhausted right now but still feeling pretty good! Haha we went on 4 exchanges this past week and have 4 more for this week because its a shortened transfer so we have to go with everyone in less time. There was a really funny experience last week that we had teaching a lady that we had met on the street a couple days earlier. We were teaching the restoration, it was going pretty good and then we got to the part about Priesthood authority and she is already a Christian so this topic gets a little touchy with them, so I pulled out the Ice Cream Truck analogy. If you haven’t heard of it, well here it is; Imagine you are driving down the highway going a little over the speed limit and the ice cream man pulls up behind you honking his horn and flashing his lights telling you to pull over, after you pull over he tries to give you a ticket for speeding. Are you going to listen to him?? Of course not, because he doesn’t have the authority to do that. It is a pretty simple analogy that everyone gets pretty easily… well everyone except for this lady. When I asked her if she would give the guy money she was like,”Well, I mean if he is going to pull me over then that means that he really needs some money, so I would probably pay the money to him cause he obviously needs it more than I do.” I just kinda sat there like,” well now how in the heck am I supposed to save this one?” I was speechless, absolutely no Idea how to respond to that one, and mean while my companion was just trying his best to not bust out laughing at the whole thing, and eventually the member with us explained the whole thing to her and it ended up fine. But yeah that was probably the biggest analogy FAIL i have had out here…
We are hopefully having a baptism on Sunday!!!! Our investigator is a lot more prepared than we thought he was, we went over the baptismal questions with him and he said yes to all of them! He just has a smoking problem still, went from 2 packs to 2 cigarettes a day, but he is going to have to stop now if he wants to get baptized before I leave. He would be the only one that I found and baptized on my mission, everyone else was baptized after I left, honestly like 5 of them so far!! But it is all for Team Jesus anyways, I don’t really care who gets it.
Not too much else from last week that was terribly exciting… wait I just thought of one. So this is probably the greatest baptismal service story I have to tell, it happened last Saturday. I did the interview for the guy that only spoke Taiwanese, so I tried my best to do as much of it as I could in Taiwanese, but I just ended up speaking really slow and really loud Chinese to him. Ha I was like yelling the questions to him and he is like 75 years old, doesn’t understand a bloody thing I am saying. His daughter taught him all the lessons in  Taiwanese and he would just say yes to all the questions, even when we got to the abortion question, he was like,” yeah yeah I’ve done it” then after me repeating the question about 5 to 6 times would he finally understand what I was saying and be like,”oh NO, come on do you think I would do that?” haha it was definitely the greatest interview I have ever done. And that is only half the story, the guy they had baptize him was a 78 year old recent convert, don’t ask me WHO in the world thought that was going to be a good idea, cause whoever it was needs to go get their frontal lobe checked out. I was a witness, and those 2 got in the water and had no idea where to stand so I was literally like pulling them around the font putting them where they needed to go and the first attempt they tried to go straight backwards… right into the back wall. After a couple more failed attempts and almost drowning the poor guy, Elder J got in there and had to do it, and he tried to do the sit attempt and that failed, he got all the way under except for his hair, and every time they failed this guy would come up in a panic attack so his daughter was standing right there wiping his face off and encouraging him the whole time, so we would wait a minute or 2 and try again. It still wasn’t working, after like 15 failed attempts the recent convert baptizing him gave him an example of how to do it and just dunked himself like 3 times, and then Elder J did the same thing, just sitting down really fast and after a couple more fails then Elder J just held him like a baby and literally went all the way under with this guy. Finally, success. They were in the font for like 20 minutes total, the guy almost dying of a heart attack and getting drowned. I will definitely not forget that one. Love you guys!!!
Elder Mansell

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