Miracles in the Blasting Heat

So first of all I have a temple day coming up in a couple of weeks so don’t go calling the police when I don’t email you. Maybe 2 weeks, I can’t remember. But this week was really cool, we saw a lot of miracles amidst the blasting heat. My Canadian companion cannot take it […]

Half-way done

So last week we finally got working!!! Hit the streets and found a ton of miracles. Had more lessons last week than I have had my entire mission, we got 20. That is the golden standard for the mission and I finally hit it…. I have had some rough areas. But it is so weird […]

Calls… calls…and more calls…

So this week was full of calls… and calls… and more calls… my companions foot didn’t get any better, and he got a nasty cold. So we have been inside all week. And I got a feeling that I haven’t gotten in almost a year, the lazy tired. Like the tired feeling after a day […]

Burfday Wishes

So thank you all for the birthday wishes, it totally made my day!!!  Shoutout to Jared and Steve for their especially touching comments… Thanks. But I was expecting yesterday to be different, but I woke up at the same time…. ate the same food….. and did the same things…. it was a little depressing, but […]

Singin’ in the Rain

This week was pretty legit. We had a good amount of success, I could definitely feel the Lord answering all of your prayers. Thank you so much for them. It rained like crazy last week, but it was super on and off rain, and carrying my rain gear around everywhere is super inconvenient. On like […]

So General Conference was, again, AMAZING. I really wish finding time would go by as fast as conference did. I went in with a question, “How do I best get the smile of God’s approval?” And it was answered in the most straightforward way I could even imagine. President Monson just said, ” Courage, not […]

Moving to Neihu

So move calls came this week, aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddddd I’m out of Ankang. I was kind of glad to get that call, but still a little sad. But I knew I was going to move, cause I talked to president again and we were trying to figure out the cause of my rash, and we came to […]